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                Imagesnippets logo

                Open Access to Image Descriptions

                DATASET URI: http://www.gob7w6ht.top/dataset/#dataset

                SPARQL ENDPOINT: http://www.gob7w6ht.top/sparql/images

                DOWNLOAD URLS: application/n-quads imagesnippets.nq.gz application/n-triples imagesnippets.nt.gz


                This dataset contains descriptions of a variety of photographic images, using properties defined by the Lightweight Image Ontology. This is an intuitive introduction to the LIO ontology. The dataset was generated using the ImageSnippets image markup system.

                This dataset is dynamic. It is updated as descriptions are added or modified. SPARQL queries made at different times may yield different results.

                The data is fully browsable and queryable Linked Data, but the linked images themselves may be subject to various copyright conditions, which can be discovered via the properties dc:rights and xmprights:usageTerms in the data. User copyright intentions should be observed and respected.

                PUBLISHER: Metadata Authoring Systems, LLC (info@margaretwarren.us)

                EXAMPLE IMAGES:

                Full Moon and Friday the 13th

                Lightning During a Storm over Kansas